Added-Value Project Management

We ensure efficient execution of each project, and can also take a look at your entire system and provide expert consultation to enhance productivity.



Engineering Experience & Expertise

20+ years hands-on, real-world experience with controls projects from small to complex.



Exacting Standards in Panel Construction

Attention to detail and consistent quality designed and built for years of performance and ease of maintenance.



Complete Turnkey Installation and Performance

We work closely with your team so every aspect from design to testing to commissioning flows flawlessly.




Global Engineering and Integration for Process Automation Controls

How does Odyssey give you better control of every aspect of your controls? True full-service capabilities from design to start-up. The expertise of innovative engineers and professionals on hundreds of international and domestic projects. Acclaimed quality and attention to detail. Flexibility and customization to meet your needs and achieve optimum performance. Responsive service, and much more. Give us an opportunity to take your controls and projects further.


Project Spotlight

  • Bulk Sugar Melting System

    This customer operates a regional production/distribution facility which receives sugar on rail cars and then melts the sugar for liquid distribution to end customers for...

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5 Key Ways
Odyssey Delivers More

How do we build impressive repeat business? Through five key differentiators that our clients love.


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