Bulk Sugar Melting System


An American global food processing and commodities trading corporation that is a market leader in the processing of key ingredients used in food, beverage, nutraceutical, industrial, and animal feed markets worldwide.

Assignment – Bulk Sugar Melting System Upgrade (2014):

This customer operates a regional production/distribution facility which receives sugar on rail cars and then melts the sugar for liquid distribution to end customers for usage as an ingredient in various food products.

Odyssey Controls, Inc. replaced outdated hardwired relay and pneumatic controls from the 1970s with a modern PLC based Siemens control system. This involved the design/specification of Instrumentation, Control Enclosures, Sequence Logic, and HMI display screens. These upgrades replaced pushbuttons, pilot lights, single-loop controllers, and mercury filled display devices with a modern 15" touchscreen interface for display/control of dry bulk hoppers, screw conveyors, tank mixers, valves, pumps, steam jacket, system variables, and tuning paramaters.

Solution Components and Services:

  • Project management (financial updates, senior engineering, scheduling, resources)
  • Administration (procurement, reporting, delivery status, invoicing, receivables)
  • System and process definition
  • New process and instrumentation drawing
  • I/O and instrumentation index
  • Loop drawings
  • Instrument specification sheets
  • Final documentation
  • Simulation/Testing at Odyssey Controls
  • Touchscreen configuration and reporting
  • PLC ladder logic and control loops
  • Electrical (Contracted Electrical Company) and instrumentation installation 
  • I/O checkout and calibration
  • Startup and Commisioning
  • Operator training


This project provided the customer with a modern interface to their bulk sugar melting system. The most significant impact to the customer was a reduction in their operating costs through the utilization of modern digital instrumentation and tighter control loop capabilities.

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