Test System Controls / Monitoring Cabinet


A global Fortune 500 manufacturer that is a market leader in the production of key components used in many of the best known consumer electronics, as well as innovative products for telecommunications, life sciences and emission controls.

Assignment – Test System Controls/Monitoring Cabinet:

In order to keep ahead of market demands and create new products that can sustain growth for its key business units, this client dedicates significant resources to research and development.

When they had a need to test and collect data for a new manufacturing system they came to Odyssey Controls to handle the design and assembly of the control/monitoring cabinet. With input from the client, Odyssey Controls designed and assembled a self-contained cabinet that controls system processes for the test unit, and allows the operators to monitor and track trends of both the equipment and manufactured materials. The small footprint of the cabinet allows the customer to move and re-purpose the controls for use on other R&D projects.

Solution Components and Services:

  • System design/architecture
  • Custom control panel fabrication
  • Start-up/commissioning
  • Final documentation/drawings


This customer was particularly pleased with the size and flexibility of the unit, which allows them the ability to re-task the equipment for other R&D assignments, maximizing the value of the unit itself, and increasing its efficiency in setting up new tests. The customer is currently considering additional units with further adaptations to allow even greater mobility and versatility.

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